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( Quality & Safety )

The Food Quality and Safety of our products are based on the Guarantee that all the ingredients, packaging materials and production processes are suited to the manufacture of Safe, Healthy and Tasty products, on a path we have trodden for over 60 years, while constantly learning and continuously improving.

HACCP self-control system

The Sugal Group has incorporated an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) self-control system into all of its production lines, which analyses the main risks, defines the critical control points and takes corrective measures, within a PDCA (plan, do, check and act) continuous improvement cycle.

Quality Control

Over the course of the manufacturing process we undertake strict monitoring and quality control of our products and processes by checking conformity with pre-set parameters, recording the checks and performing laboratory analysis (in-house and externally).


  • To develop a culture in which Quality is part of our team’s DNA.
  • To bring about a Quality Management system within a PDCA continuous improvement cycle;
  • Guarantee compliance with the Standards and technical specification relating to finished products, packaging and ingredients;
  • Define and monitor process flowcharts that engage all internal and external stakeholders;
  • Eliminate or correct risks and critical points in the production process.
  • Disseminate all the information required for production.

( Quality Management )

The Quality Management System that the Sugal Group has introduced is based on the TQM (Total Quality Management) and aims at continuously improving all processes and engaging all the main stakeholders, so as to achieve continuous improvement in the products and their  production, identify deviations and the root causes of any problems and correct them and, thus, systematically adding value for clients.

  • Devising specifications for finished products, packaging materials and ingredients
  • Coordinating the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control points) plans
  • Coordinating internal and external audits
  • Disseminating all the information required for production
  • Managing the document management system


( Traceability )

We guarantee control over the origin of our products “from the seed to the plate” through a total traceability system.

The current traceability system means that, through the batch number written on our products packaging, we can ascertain their production history, covering all ingredients and packaging materials.

( Certifications )

B2B Industrial

The fresh tomato harvested in the fields is the ingredient in the products made for our industrial clients, whose brands reach the end consumer.

Farm Production

Our product is born in the fields and we monitor it at every stage from the seed to the moment fresh tomato is delivered to our plants to ensure we get the best product.