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Founded over 60 years ago, the Sugal Group is now a global company with production plants in three countries, that is driven by a culture of excellence, a passion for quality and commitment.

3 Countries

Since we have production facilities in Chile, Spain and Portugal, we process products in both the southern and northern hemispheres for over six months of the year.

5 Plants

With five plants dedicated to processing fresh tomato, two to processing fresh fruit and one to B2C products, our know-how and experience are unique in the sector.

70 Markets

We export to more than 70 countries across five continents.

( Two Harvests, one Team and a Global Company )

In a sector where production based on fresh tomato takes place on average for two months of the year, the geographical spread of Sugal Group plants, enables us to process fresh products for over six months of the year.

( Our Certifications )

Agility and Confidence

( Innovation )

At the Sugal Group innovation is a priority, as regards new products, new processes or solutions that add value to our clients’ and suppliers’ supply chains.

Development Centre

Develop, create, and improve things, that is what we do at the research and development centre, by listening to our clients and anticipating market needs.

Strategic Partnerships

We have built up strategic partnerships with development and innovation centres, universities and suppliers that help us think outside the box and in an innovative manner.

Tailor-made Development

From the birth of an idea to the development of the product, the packaging or the production process, we have the know-how, the flexibility and the ability to tailor the solution to the client’s needs.

and Innovation

( Our Products )

We guarantee our products are produced from quality tomatoes and fresh fruit.


The fresh tomato is harvested in the fields, is processed at a plant and packed in the format that best suits the client.


The fresh fruit is harvested in the fields, is processed at a plant and packed in the format that best suits the client.

( Recruitment )

Join our team and become part of a group that needs you to get better and do more.