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( Farm Production )

At the Sugal Group we bring the freshness, flavour and quality of tomatoes produced in our fields to every product we produce and pack.

The tomatoes we process come from the fields around our plants so as to ensure that the time elapsed between picking the fresh tomatoes and processing them into the end product is as short as possible. That way we are able to retain the quality and freshness of the tomatoes we have just harvested.

 Our farm crew monitors all stages of tomato growing, including selecting the varieties best suited to the soil type, the local climate and the requirements of the end product, as well as ensuring compliance with best farm practice at every stage.

The key to producing a quality end product is to use a raw material – fresh tomato – of unrivalled quality, since in almost all cases it is the sole ingredient.


At Sugal we encourage cooperation between our team and our agricultural partners who supply us with tomato (tomato growers and their producer organisations) 

Our farm crew monitors every stage to ensure we are able to purchase the right quantities of the right quality, from selecting the varieties for each region and product, to promoting the use of best farm practice and following of a good planting and harvesting plan, as well as implementing measures to guarantee the raw material meets the Sugal Group’s quality standards.

The Sugal Group is also a tomato grower – this is why we say we are a vertically integrated company – from the field to the plate!

B2C Retail

We produce a range of ready-to-consume products from fresh tomato or tomato paste, packed in retail formats (B2C).

Quality and Food safety

Quality products, processes and working methods are our hallmark, and allow us to deliver tasty, innovative, safe foodstuffs.