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( Make
the difference )

Our commitment to our Team and to the community is to Be+ (be more). 

“Be+ Sugal Group” is our internal and external corporate social responsibility project.


Our products must be the best for our clients. They are produced in line with the highest Quality and Food safety standards, as we follow best practice from the field to the end product, thus ensuring greater competitiveness. The 3 pillars of “Be+ Product”: Quality, Safety and Efficiency


We encourage a culture of an environmental-friendly company which supports behaviours that contribute daily to a smaller environmental footprint by reducing consumption, conserving resources and managing waste properly. The 3 pillars of “Be+ Environment”: Protect, Reduce and Recycle


With a permanent annual global team of over 500 people, to which we add more than a 1,000 at harvest time, the way in which we manage our people and the community where we work has to have a positive impact. The 4 pillars of “Be+ People”: HSH, Training and Development, ETI and Human Rights, Commitment & Sharing.

( Environment )

In our business we employ a number of environmental resources: water, electricity and energy that we constantly measure in order to reduce and replace on the basis of the following commitments:


Compliance with the all laws and other requirements applying to our business


Continuous improvement under the Environment Management System


Preventing pollution and minimising the production of residue and waste, through the efficient and rational use of energy, water, packaging, etc.


Ensuring all employees play a part in improving environmental performance by providing appropriate training, where necessary.


Making supply chains understand the environmental impacts their business generates and jointly identifying and reducing them.

( Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work )

“People come first” means we do not see the safety of our people, their health and proper hygiene as mere duties, but rather we strive to do more and better every day.

The Safety of our people is a priority for the Sugal Group, and to that end we work on two fronts:

  • Risk Assessment and Prevention for every type of process, item of equipment and job.
  • Safe Behaviour and Best Practice awareness training and coaching. 
  • Health – We ensure all of our employees have suitable access to medical care, in-house and externally, to bring about a healthier and happier team.
  • To ensure we follow best hygiene practice we have appropriate facilities and provide regular training sessions on best agri-food industry hygiene practice.