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( Development Centre )

The Sugal Group is always looking to innovate through our modern, well-equipped research and development centre, where we seek daily to achieve better quality products, with greater added value, that best fit our clients’ and consumers’ needs.


Product development cycle

At our development centre we conduct research, generate ideas and solutions for new products, recipes, packaging (from package type to layout) and production processes.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team makes us the ideal player for partners looking for a growth and innovation strategy.

Kick off

Around the notion of Client/Market Need a multidiscipinary team is built to suport the R&D team on the new project and it may include specialists in process engineering, raw materials and ingredients, packaging materials or design. A suitably experienced team assigned to each project leads to a quick response and the flexibility and agility needed to implement changes.


The team undertakes the research and development work required to produce a number of samples in the pilot plant that will be tested by an internal and/or external panel, before being honed to arrive at an approved solution.

Industrial Scale Test

The prototype developed and approved at the pilot plant is subjected to a dedicated production run to ensure the viability of the new product, packaging material or process on an industrial scale.

Launch Preparation

Once the new project has been approved work begins on planning the launch. It is during this stage that the minimum order quantities (MOQs), the minimum production runs, timings and real processing costs are set.

“Go live” Production

After all the stages required for the product’s launch have been completed, it is time to plan production. The R&D team only considers a new project to be complete when it is satisfied the first production run was a success.

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