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( Tomate Industrial )

The tomatoes we harvest in the field are packaged in industrial packaging and used as an ingredient for our industrial customers.

Water is extracted from the fresh tomato through a fully automated and controlled industrial process, so as to concentrate the solid tomato material and optimize packing and preservation.

In addition to reducing water content– concentration – this industrial process uses a range of manufacturing techniques and equipment so that the same fresh raw material can be converted into end products with fairly distinct characteristics, allowing our clients to optimize their production processes and the quality of their end products.

Therefore, we can produce products with varying degrees of concentration, greater or lesser viscosity (hot break or cold break – by using different enzymatic inactivation processes), and different textures (by using a narrower or wider mesh or sieve we get a product with less or more seeds and skin).

We may also wish to produce “almost natural” tomato and in such cases, we simply peel and dice the fresh tomato.

Whenever the tomato is to be an ingredient in a future product it is essential to know exactly what end product our client is planning to make, what they expect to get from this ingredient and their manufacturing process, so as to draw up the technical specifications. 

Thanks to our production process he have products with very different colours, flavours, textures, appearances, viscosities or concentrations and since they are tailor-made to the needs of each client, they bring added value to our clients’ production chains, which is proportional to the experience, knowledge and size of the teams working on them.




Tomato Paste
Cold Break

28-30 Brix, 30-32 Brix e 36-38 Brix

Hot Break

10-12 Brix; 22-24 Brix, 28-30 Brix e 30-32 Brix

Warm Break

28-30 Brix

Super Hot Break

22-24 Brix, 26-28 Brix e 28-30 brix

Crushed Tomato - Pizza Sauce
Hot Break

12/14 Brix e 14/16 Brix

Diced Tomato

10x10; 12x12; 14x14; 16x16; 19x19 e 20x20 mm (com ou sem adiçaõ de Cálcio)

Hot Break

8/10 Brix, 10/12 Brix e 12/14 Brix